Life Insurance Shouldn’t Be So Hard! Reasons to Choose Us

Life insurance is one of those things that no one really wants to think about. Not only is facing our own mortality head-on not… well, fun, but neither is the life insurance policy process. If you believe that taking out a life insurance policy shouldn’t be so difficult, we are on your side. AdvantEdge HR believes that you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to protect your family, which is why Googling “life insurance advisor near me” isn’t enough. These are reasons to check out AdvantEdge’s life insurance (re)invented process and policies.

What is Life Insurance (Re)Invented?

Life insurance is the type of protection that people take out to ensure that their dependents are well cared for if the unexpected happens. If you have people who rely on you daily or you want to ensure that no one is left carrying your burden once you are gone, then life insurance is a great way to provide you peace of mind. Unfortunately, not many insurance companies make the process easy. After examining the status quo for life insurance coverage, we knew that we could do it better by simplifying things.

What We Are Doing Differently

What are we doing differently? We’re glad you asked. Often, life insurance can be riddled with paperwork, in-home or onsite medical examinations, and serious underwriting details that can either make it reasonable or completely unattainable. We understand that underwriters are tasked with reducing the insurance company’s risk, but there has got to be a better way – and we found it! We are doing things entirely differently.

Application Transparency and Convenience

One of the worst parts about taking out a life insurance policy, or even comparing the many products available, typically lies in the transparency and convenience of the application process. Often, people who want to see what they are eligible for and what works best for them can’t get past the initial application phase or they are required to go offline to talk with someone about it. If you want to sign up for life insurance, we make it easy to do so – period.

Underwriting Without the Undercurrent of Complexity

Underwriting is the part of the process where an insurance company will weigh your specific traits against predicted risks, which is why most life insurance products require that you go through a medical exam and other health history questionnaires. We believe that you should be allowed to take out a life insurance policy without having medical evaluations. Yes, it is possible – we made it so!

We Don’t Lock You In

Another problem with life insurance is that some policies offer what seems like savings incentives when you sign on, but what you quickly realize is that those savings perks are more about keeping you locked in than any real giving back. If you aren’t happy with the product you sign up for through us, we offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee so you have enough time to feel out the waters before you feel drowned in terms.

Flexible and Affordable Options

Life insurance is about covering the people who depend on you after you are no longer here, which is why it should come in a variety of options related to your specific circumstances. At AdvantEdge, we offer all sorts of flexible and affordable options so that you can get the coverage you need now and continue to tailor it as your list of dependents either grows or shrinks.

Many people avoid life insurance for two reasons. One, they aren’t ready to face their own mortality, and two, it can be a very confusing, arduous, and time-consuming process. If you are ready to take out a no-hassle life insurance policy today that ensures that the people who depend on you will be cared for in your absence, then start your application for life insurance with AdvantEdge HR today. We’ve simplified the process; now make sure to follow through!

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